Just Out!

    By Linda Boroff

    This exuberant fiction debut of fourteen linked short stories and a novella portrays the comic and sometimes wrenching expedition of a young woman during a life of unexpected outcomes. By turns mercilessly satirical and achingly tender, the book yanks the reader into Brynn Wittman’s antic adventures and their consequences, mostly told from her own unsparing, even self-lacerating  perspective.  

    From a breathless confessional adolescence through a tumultuous marriage and the confines of ludicrous jobs, Brynn’s journey ends with a jolt in a random workplace shooting. Her recountings invite us into the rich inner life of somebody we might have only wondered sadly about as a statistic and the victim of a tragic event.   

    Award-Winning Author

    Linda Boroff

    Linda Boroff graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in English. Her humorous short stories, satires and feature articles have appeared in a broad span of noted publications, including McSweeney’s, The Guardian. Gawker, Hollywood Dementia, Epoch, Cimarron Review, Hobart, Crack the Spine, The Pedestal Magazine, The Writing Disorder, The Piltdown Review, 5:21 Magazine, Thoughtful Dog, Drunk Monkeys, Blunderbuss Magazine, JONAH Magazine, Eclectica, The Boiler, Fictive Dream, and Lifelines, the literary journal of the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.

    She was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by  Able Muse Magazine and won first prize in The Writers Place fiction competition, as well as placing in the Top Ten or semifinals of numerous other contests including American Gem, the Chesterfields, and the Los Angeles International Screenplay Competition. She has written one one produced feature film and has two screenplays currently in development.

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    Author Linda Boroff expertly braids well-developed plot, vivid setting, and exceptional lyricism by using utterly raw prose to echo the raw landscape. 


    Murder in Fashion, written by Linda Boroff and directed by Ben Waller, is a straightforward, well-paced, resourcefully made account of handsome but crazed Andrew Cunanan’s 1997 serial killing spree that culminated with his fatal shooting of Gianni Versace in Miami Beach.

    — Review in L.A. Times


    …Terrific writing, very strong; quietly powerful story, at once direct and complex; beautifully achieved and thoroughly satisfying.  

    — Mikhail Lossel re “The Spirit Upwelling”

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