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I bring fifteen years of intensive marketing and technology writing experience to my employers and clients. A graduate English major from the University of California, Berkeley, I have written a wide array of print and online marketing, advertising, and public relations communications for major enterprises and startups.

Delivering a clear, high-impact message that sets you apart and gains dramatic results.

Reaching creative heights

Award-winning expert storyteller, conceptualizer, and video writer, adept at turning ideas and goals into creative, high-impact communications. I’ve written major projects for The North Face, IBM, Samsung, Hitachi Data Systems, TCS, Danaher, Oracle, Time-Warner, healthcare enterprises, and many startups.

To motivate and Inspire

I can craft technological information into a fresh, lively story, so that capabilities stand out for audiences and lines of business. I’ve addressed the virtual data center, cloud computing, cyber security, data analytics. Artificial Intelligence, networking, operations management, storage, SaaS, and others.


Award-winning content writer, skilled at turning concepts and goals into high-impact communications that generate response and revenue. I create online campaigns, blogs, videos, web sites, landing pages, banners, infographics, brochures, e-books, case studies, white papers, and more.

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Cliff had spoken of Solly with the worshipful deference that law students reserve for alpha lawyers who are particularly feared. So I had conjured up one of those flamboyant, womanizing legal warriors with a long gray ponytail, a white buckskin suit, and perhaps a tie tack made of walrus penis bone.

– Season of Turbulence

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